Terms & Conditions

  1. You have booked for Tele ophthalmology consultation at Giridhar Eye Institute
  2. Please understand that Tele consultation has certain limitations
  3. If this is your first consultation, you will be speaking to the Eye Specialist and receiving advice regarding your eye condition. The doctor will prescribe medications for minor ailments. If detailed examination is required, the doctor will advise further physical eye examination.
  4. If you are an old patient of the Institute, you will speak to your concerned Consultant or someone deputed for the purpose. Advice regarding post-operative medication and care will be given during the consultation. If you have a serious eye problem you may be advised to visit the hospital as soon as possible.
  5. The conversation may be recorded for the documentation purpose
  6. Since Ophthalmology is a specialty that requires many investigations, you may need to visit the hospital as and when required for definitive diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Since there is no scope for clinical examination and investigations doctors are solely dependent on the history and symptoms provided by the patient for arriving at a diagnosis. So kindly is clear and be specific in providing the details of symptoms.
  8. Tele consultation reduces exposure to hospital environment and hence is very safe during the pandemic. It also helps to avoid travel during these restricted times.
  9. Due to the inherent limitations of Tele consultation, certain inadequacies can occur due to lack of direct physical examination and lack of investigations.
  10. While every effort will be made from our side to maintain privacy and confidentiality, we may not be able to assure 100 per cent security since the consultation is being made on an internet based digital platform.
  11. The hospital or Consultant is not liable to any form of litigation due to the above mentioned inadequacies.

I have read the above mentioned Terms and Conditions and I agree for the Tele consultation appointment at Giridhar Eye Institute